Fixed dental prosthetics include all the elements which are permanently embedded in the jaw and cannot be removed by the patient.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are fixed prosthetic substitutes that are embedded on a single tooth or a dental implant. After cementing, they completely cover the rest of the tooth.
Thanks to today’s technology of prosthetics replacement manufacturing, the teeth have a completely natural appearance, while respecting the high aesthetic criteria.

The crowns, which are part of fixed dental prosthetics, can be metal-ceramic, zircon-ceramic or full ceramic.

Dental crowns are made in cases when the natural tooth is greatly damaged due to a large caries, fracture or aesthetic reason (eg unsatisfactory color or tooth shape).

Metal-ceramic crowns (a metal base covered in ceramics) have a satisfactory aesthetic appearance and in certain cases they still represent the only possible solution (eg in bridges that have large ranges due to the loss of a large number of teeth).

Zirconia-ceramic crowns (a zironia base covered in fine ceramics) are aesthetically perfect crowns. They are intended for those who aspire for a more natural but perfect smile. They are made on-site using CAD / CAM technology. Smaller bridges (up to 5 members) can be made in just 3 days.

Full ceramic crowns (Empress, Emax) are made of top quality ceramics and most commonly used when the natural tooth or implant is to be fitted with only one crown. The embedding procedure for this kind of ceramic crown, as well as its design, made by the dental doctors and laboratory technicians, requires a great degree of education. With CAD / CAM technology, this crown can be made in just one hour.

Besides dental crowns which are placed on a single tooth, a partial lack of teeth can be resolved by using dental bridges.
If the patient lacks more teeth, and the remaining teeth are not in the best aesthetic state, then the most common approach is to make a ceramic bridge on natural teeth (provided their range and stability are adequate).

Thanks to the many advantages of implantology, one or more lost teeth can be prosthetically compensated by a ceramic bridge on implants, without changing the remaining healthy teeth.

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