Dental prosthetics – types of prosthetic procedures

They say that beauty comes from within, but we cannot ignore what is visible to everyone. No matter how groomed or well-dressed we are, all is in vain if we show our neglected and unhealthy teeth at a first encounter.

With loss of teeth the harmony of the whole face is disrupted. Loss of even one tooth can cause function disorders (chewing, speaking, esthetics…).

In addition to missing teeth replacement, a whole range of mild and moderate tooth imperfections such as color, shape, and position can be resolved with the use of prosthetics.

Prosthetic replacements help us bring back a healthy and attractive smile to our patient’s faces.

At our dental center we offer the possibility of making all types of prosthetic replacements following the modern trends in aesthetics and technology.

To provide the highest quality service, we have our own dental laboratory equipped with modern diagnostics and modern CAD / CAM system.
Our dental technicians work together with our dental medicine doctors in effort to maximally shorten the usual procedures for prosthetic solutions.


Metal-free restorations are used each day more and more to replace metal-ceramic crowns and bridges.
This kind of prosthetics is made by a computerized laboratory system from several types of materials which are chosen according to the result we want to achieve: aesthetics, transparency or resistance

  • zirconia

  • E-Max

  • Glass / ceramics

The advantages ofomputerized metal-free prosthetics:

  • metal-free

  • high esthetics

  • precision

  • biocompatibility



are made for the patient right after the preparation of the the teeth or old prosthetic removal for the purpose of a normal functionality during a 7-10 day period in which the permanent dental replacement is prepared in the dental laboratory.


At our center we offer all kinds of prosthetic works:

  • veneers, crowns and bridges (metal – ceramic, zircon or full ceramic / empress)

  • crowns, bridges and dentures on dental implants

  • combined (fixed-mobile) procedures

  • skeletal, full and partial dentures

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