Everyone wants and strives for a beautiful and natural smile. The formula to achieve a beautiful smile is healthy teeth which are not only the best indicator of health but also a key factor in raising self confidence and presentation in everyday life and in all life situations.

A healthy, youthful and fresh looks are the basic imperatives of today’s beauty that have defined high standards in dental medicine and have made it a highly aesthetic and functional service for everyone. The fact is that physical aging affects the teeth and dental tissue, changing the beauty of the smile. The teeth loose their natural appearance under the influence of various external factors, habits and consumption of various food. Some of the causes of this changes are smoking, medication consumption, the consumption of various beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, carbonated beverages, etc.

Aesthetic dental medicine steps in as a solution focusing on improving dental aesthetics and the patients’ smile restoring the smile to each patient with its professional and effective methods. Modern aesthetic dental medicine achieves top quality results daily in reshaping natural and healthy smiles, offering a number of effective solutions.

Aesthetic dentistry includes:

  • teeth whitening

  • porcelain veneers

  • Metal-free crowns

  • Gingivoplasty – Gums plastic surgery

  • Laser therapy

  • Aesthetic fillings (white filings)

  • Professional tooth cleaning and polishing

  • Dental jewelry application

Our team of experts at Orto-Nova will provide You with a wonderful smile and more confidence by using the art skills and technological progresses offered us by modern dentistry.

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