Orthodontics – is a specialty field of dentistry, which in one way deals with correcting irregularities of the teeth, and on the other hand with the prevention of cavities in places hard to reach in malpositioned teeth.
Straight teeth, a primary focus in orthodontics , are not only aesthetically appealing, but they contribute to Your general health.

Thanks to the continuous developments in orthodontics and the expertise of orthodontic specialists, there is actually no problem that cannot be resolved nowadays. Modern orthodontics offers various solutions using orthodontic braces which are barely visible.

Besides the big positive changes in orthodontics, such as functionality improvement, facial aesthetics, smile, and psihological changes, an orthodontic treatment is sometimes necessary even for adults in order to resolve parodontal problems, or to reach better quality prosthetic solutions.

The correct position of teeth in the jaw and a proper bite allows an even transfer of the chewing force. This keeps the founding tissue of the teeth, prevents excessive wear and decline of the teeth and also reduces problems in the mandibular joint.


Orthodontic diagnostics – the first step towards straight teeth

In order to determine whether You are a candidate for an orthodontic therapy and which one, we need to make and orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan as the most important segment of an orthodontic therapy.

The key to successful orthodontic treatment is making the proper diagnosis. 

The information needed to make a diagnosis are the imprints of the teeth, detailed photographs (intraoral and extraoral) and x-ray pictures analysis.

Based on all these data the patient’s profile is created with detailed analysis of the occlusion, face and smile.

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