Sterilization is a process of complete elimination of all forms of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi) from objects, instruments and materials that come into contact with the patient.

The safety of our patients always comes first. At Orto-nova high standards of sterilization, disinfection and hygiene are carried out in accordance with international standards and EU laws.

Our dental center is equipped with new generation sterilizers. For the sterilization of instruments we use dry air sterilizers, autoclave sterilization, and a quartz sterilizer. We sterilize the surfaces of our clinics with UV light.

Highly standardized sterilization, disinfection and hygiene standards ensure the preservation of the health of our patients as well as our employees.



  • Each object, used during dental surgery, goes through a strict process of sterilization and disinfection

  • Disposable items are used only for one patient

  • We disinfect all used dental objects and surfaces after each patient

  • Before the sterilization process, we immerse the instruments in a dish with a disinfectant solution by exact protocol