What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral Surgery is a branch of dental medicine that is closely related to implantology and periodontology. It covers any procedure that requires the cutting or removal of tissue or teeth from the oral cavity. Tooth removal, dental implants, removal of diseased tissue from the mouth, and corrective jaw surgery are some of the usual oral surgery procedures.

Changes in the oral cavity occur continuosly needing constant corrections to reduce further damage and to correct aesthetic and functional irregularities. The reasons for a tooth extraction are diverse and include a wide range of changes in the oral cavity, such as deep cavities, oral inflammatory disease or the appearing of wisdom teeth which have to be removed. All these changes affect the appearance of the oral cavity and, if not treated surgically, can lead to undesirable consequences for the patient.

Oral Surgery – Most common procedures

Despite today’s modern technology and achievements, it is still not possible to avoid dental surgery in certain situations. Our team of dental medicine doctors carry out all the surgical procedures needed to solve your dental problem. Some are less, and some more demanding, but overall, they have to meet the high aesthetic and health standards.

At our dental medicine center you can do the following:

  • tooth extraction

  • apicotomy (operative removal of the tip of the dental root)

  • leveling of the bone (aligning the bone structure before the procedure)

  • operational extraction of residual roots

  • elevation of the sinus floor when placing the implant

  • restoration of aesthetic and functional deficiencies of the oral cavity

  • other dental surgical procedures

  • guided bone regeneration

The procedures can be operative and unoperative and are performed by professional dental medicine doctors who will conduct the procedure in a painless and professional manner. The recovery process after each procedure is individual and depends on the severity of the procedure and the patient itself, but is usually short.

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