1.Terms of use

We are stating below the general Terms of Business through the official web site www.orto-nova.hr/en (further in the text:web site). The owner of this website is the company Orto-Nova d.o.o. Rijeka (further in the text: Orto-Nova), Lošinjska 16, 51 000 Rijeka, which publishes content on the website and updates the data. The published contents are owned by Orto-Nova and they can not be used without their written consent. If you use any of the services published on this site it is considered that you agree with all the General Business terms and therefore you will not have the right to object to it.
In addition, we point out the need to make publicly available official contact information for personal data protection on their websites.

2.Dental services

All the services listed on the website such as the estimates with the related prices, treatment plans etc. are of informational character and are intended for a potential patient. This kind of information can be obtained at the first examination at the clinic as well as the exact necessary therapies/procedures.

3.Purchase and invoice issuing

Orto-Nova performs the dental services listed on the website on their own behalf and for their account. Orto-Nova will issue a valid invoice for the completed dental service to the patient, and the patient has to pay the amount in full in accordance to the agreed payment method.


Orto-Nova reserves the right to modify and amend the General Terms and Conditions of the Website without prior notice. The above additions or changes to the terms or conditions do not affect the services already contracted and implemented with patients and such services will be performed in accordance with the agreed treatment plan and the prices stated in the issued account.

5.Orto-Nova’s obligations and responsibilities

Orto-Nova is obliged to provide the patient with an appropriate invoice for the dental service performed and healthcare activities performed consciously and in accordance with the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.


Orto-Nova disclaims any responsibility for any possible mistake on the website occured during the creation, data entry or update of the Website as well as the liability for any damages caused to the user due to the use of the Website and/or its content.
If the patient does not adhere to the physician’s instructions on the necessary therapy and care, neither the physician nor Orto-Nova will be liable for any complications, and therefore can not issue the usual appropriate guarantees.
The specified website owner does not respond to the business and content of the web pages to which the link exists.

7.Obbligations and responsibilities of the patient

The patient is responsible for adhering to the instructions given by the physician after the treatment has been performed and is obliged to come to the regular check-ups on the agreed appointment dates (if the treatment requires so). If the patient does not comply with the physician’s instructions, neither the physician nor Orto-Nova will be liable for any complications.

8.Jurisdiction of the Court

For all disputes that can not be resolved peacefully, the disputes will be handled by the court in Rijeka.

9.Private Data Protection Officer

Eva Jurišić is responsible for the protection of personal data in Orto-Nova.

10.Privacy of the user

More about the user’s privacy of the Orto-nova.hr web site can be found on this link.


The content, the layout and the design of the Orto-Nova website are protected by copyright. Any duplication, editing, saving, conversion or translation of the content, especially graphics, pictures, texts or parts thereof is not permitted without the Orto-Nova’s written authorisation.