Dental implantology offers solutions for all kinds of toothlessness, from a single tooth missing to a complete toothlessness solution. In some cases the procedure can be fast and simple and can be carried out in one visit to our centre. On the other hand, there are cases when a multidisciplinary solution is needed and it can be several months long.

Modern and high-end implantology treatments at our dental center ensures You a longlasting and guaranteed solution. We take pride in a high implantology success rate treatment, as high as 99%.

Implant advantages

  • HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL SMILE – teeth implants have the functionality and aesthetics of natural teeth
  • IMPROVED CHEW AND BITE FUNCTION – A new tooth completely substitutes the lost natural tooth providing carefreed enjoyment of food
  • ENABLES PROPER SPEECH FUNCTION – When talking the teeth remain in their place and there is no fear of moving (unlike mobile dentures)
  • IMPROVED ORAL AND GENERAL HEALTH – The dental implant keeps the right position of the other teeth inside the dental string and prevents them from moving further keeping the bone safe of any further resorption
  • DURABILITY – With proper oral hygiene and regular check-ups, implants can last for a lifetime
  • PAINLESS AND SAFE – The implantat placement procedure is an almost painless and apsolutely safe dental treatment if carried out professionally and responsibly
  • RELAXATION – The replaced tooth brings back a natural and relaxed smile and helps You feel much better

At Orto-Nova we pay special attention to the selection of the best dental materials in order to ensure in all ways the full and long-lasting satisfaction of our patients.


For this reason we have chosen the Swedish implant system Nobel Biocare, which is one of the leading systems in the market. Nobel Biocare Implants are renowned and have been present in dental practice for many years. Based on extensive research, a unique system has been developed that has become the leader of a new generation of implants with numerous revolutionary solutions. Behind these products there is a large number of laboratory and clinical studies that have confirmed the reliability and longevity and are thus in line with the highest world standards.

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