Andrej Kravanja

M.Sc., DMD


M.Sc., Andrej Kravanja, DDS, graduated in 2008 from the University of Medicine in Rijeka, department of Dental Medicine, and was among the top 10 best students of his class.

The doctor performs procedures in the field of oral surgery and periodontics, expressesing a particular interest in the field of implantology and implant prosthetics.

Due to his multi-years of experience and continuous education throughtout the years, Dr. Kravanja solves successfully many demanding cases regarding Orofancial conditions such as bone and gum tissue grafts.

He maintaines his elevated professional standards by educating himself at numerous clinics of eminent world experts.


  • Over the years he participated in numerous conferences as well as individual courses related to implantoprosthetic therapy.

  • Licenced to work with premium implant systems

  • He finished International Implantology and Oral Surgery Specialization and got a title Master of Science Orale Chirurgie/Implantologie